Privacy Policy

What's all about

We are eager to make our customers' information truly private. As far as we are in charge of protecting your data, we provide this Privacy Policy to guarantee it's bulletproof safe Basic terms are:

1. What kind of information we collect and how we do it

2. How we use your data and who sees it

3. How we can gain access to your data and modify it

4. How we protect data you store on our servers


SoliLove is under Public Network LTD, BVI. control

Legal Terms

We understand that sharing private information is a great concern for social network's users. That's why we provide Privacy Policy for our users (Policy) to make you sure how we use your private data. This Policy is actual each time you connect to or use Solilove Mobile App. Doing so you confirm you are agree with the Policy and let us gain data from you according to the Policy. We reserve the right to modify the Privacy Policy without an advance notice. So make sure you've seen the ultimate version from time to time.

In case you disagree with the Privacy Policy please don't connect to our web site or don't use the mobile app.

1. SoliLove Users

What data does SoliLove gather about me if I decide to join it?

SoliLove lets adults to meet each other connecting to our site or using our app. The popular social network's users can easily join us.

In order to start using all features SoliLove provides, you need to create a SoliLove account filling in our simple registration form. We ask you to provide your name, e-mail, your sex, date of birth. We also ask you to name the city you live in and tell us what stuff you're found of. You have total control over your profile and can modify it any time you want or add some information to search your best partner.

After profile is created we save your IP and e-mail address.

What kind of information requests SoliLove if I'm under 18?

You are able to join SoliLove being 18 years old or older. According to this fact, SoliLove does not gather any information about persons under 18. We do not welcome any non-adults to use our services. If you are under 18 please do not provide any information about yourself. Whenever we find out that somebody under 18 created a SoliLove account we immediately suspend it. In that case we can save the IP of the suspended person to prevent such action in the future.

Does SoliLove gather any private information if I am non-registered visitor or app user?

No, we don't request any private information unless you register. If you visit us without creating or using your account we may save some cookie-files on your device to identify your session in the future.

What kind of information do I provide using mobile app?

Wherever you are you can reach your pals, make new friends and stay in touch with your contacts mady with SoliLove mobile app.

When you start your SoliLove mobile app, we save such data as your wireless provider and your geolocation (latitude and longitude). We need this information to let other users know your general whereabouts so they might become interested in saying you "Hi!". If you want to stay under cover please follow further instructions:

iPhone app — Настройки , Службы геолокации, Выключить

Can SoliLove track my info from other sites I use, e.g. Facebook, Google+, Twitter?

If you have created your SoliLove profile with any popular social network account it will be connected. This might be done through new features and products we create.

In case you don't like to see your SoliLove account connected to any social network, SoliLove does not have any disconnecting features yet. But you can unlink your SoliLove profile using social network's preferences. Just deny access for SoliLove app.

Will SoliLove try to contact me?

You can change the notification preferences in your SoliLove profile's settings section.

Does SoliLove use my private information for any other purposes?

We might use some materials you put in public access for advertising purposes on our partners' web sites and apps. We think it will be very helpful to make our products even better and put your user experience on a higher level.

What is "cookies" and how it can be used?

We put a small text file called "Cookies" on your device to let SoliLove recognize you next time you visit us. It will help us to provide all the services you demand.

When you visit SoliLove we uses cookie files to save your session ID. It will help us to identify you next time you visit us and make your authorization process faster and simpler. We also use cookies for security reasons, e.g. to prevent fishing and other harmful actions.

You can block any cookie files from us using your browser's preferences. In that case you might not be able to gain all SoliLove features.

2. Friends and other SoliLove users

When I publish my content on SoliLove what do the other users see?

To let you meet as many interesting people as possible on SoliLove, our users can view your nickname and any other information you set viewable.

What can I do with other users' profiles?

Browse our users' profiles to meet new people and make new friends! Aware that it is strictly prohibited to use our profiles' information for any commercial purpose, spamming or to threaten other people. We may suspend your account for taking any of those actions.

3. Third Persons

Does SoliLove sell information to third party companies?

No, we don't. We don't sell or give your private information to any third parties. SoliLove reveals general non-personal information in marketing and advertising purpose only. In other words we don't give access to any data that might identify you directly.

Does SoliLove reveal my information to third persons?

We might reveal some non-personal information to analise our community and market itself, and for targeting ads.

Our company is a apologist of a healthy community and we will corporate with any state authorities to prevent or solve any possible crimes. We also might reveal your information for legal purposes, court requests or other.


Where is my information hosted?

SoliLove is global community. That means our servers are hosted all around the world. If you are a resident of a state with special data protection legal policy it might be differ from our corporate policy.

5. Security

How does SoliLove protect my data?

SoliLove takes all necessary measures to protect your data hosted on our servers and prevent any loss of private information. Our team works 24/7 to do so.

Although we can not guarantee the security of your connection channel. So please choose your internet provider or hot spot wisely.

How can I help to secure my data?

You are not allowed to reveal your access data to third persons. If you have lost it or gave to someone else your private information might take a huge risk. In that case please contact our support service or use Restore Password form. Otherwise SoliLove can not be responsible for your data protection.


How can I edit my profile?

You can modify your profile any time you like. Right after registration you can view your data and modify any part of it:

1. E-mail address;

2. Profile, photos;

3. Your place of living;

4. Password.

If your information has changed please take time to actualize it. We also recommend you to change your password from time to time.

Can I deactivate my SoliLove profile?

SoliLove users can deactivate their accounts by taking one of the following actions:

1. Send a message using our Contact form.

If you want to stop using your SoliLove profile, first it must be deactivated. That means no other user can find you using the app or visiting the web site. Although one is able to visit your profile by following a direct link. We keep your account undeleted for at least 30 days in case you'd like to reactivate your account and rejoin SoliLove.

In 30 days your profile will be purged. Deactivate your account only in case you are sure you'll never use it.

What happens if I do nothing?

If you did not use your SoliLove account for three months we might remove it.